I recently fell in love with puma shoes, i ordered online for the first time on cyber monday ( thought i was going to get a better deal) turns out there wasnt even a diffrence because each day after they kepted getting cheaper , i paid $48 a few days later they where listed for $27 , anywho that wasnt a big deal to me, so i finally record my shoes after a week & they shipped the wrong size, so i kepted my cool because mistakes happen, and even with me being nice and not rude at all, i was told to ship the shoes back and call back once i have done so and they would ship me my right size, the next day i ship the back call custermer service back & was told they no longer have the shoes in stock! So i had no other option but to get a refund or purchase some diffrence shoes but not for the same price i paid, it would cost more..

Bottom line they treated me like it was my fault they made a mistake!

I spoke to 4 diffrent reps and only got a sorry from 1 of them, there just naturally in a bad mood , ignorant and rude! Its real in unfortunate, i was ready to start a new collection of puma shoes but will never be a custormer again!

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